Travel Diary: Hong Kong & Macau 2013

December 19, 2013
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Last September, my friends and I went on a short trip to Hong Kong and Macau. Since 90% of all the past trips I had was with my family, traveling with friends is always a different kind of adventure altogether. My friends and I traveled to Hong Kong already a couple of years ago before Christmas, in which we were all still studying then. This year, most of us are now working and beginning to chart out our own individual paths and careers. This trip is simply a much-craved for break from the hustle and frenzy of Manila, and a chance for us to catch up on each other’s lives in a four-day long escapade to new and familiar places.


We went to Ocean Park on the second day – my first time to visit. It was a welcome change from going to Disneyland, which I’ve already gone to one too many times.

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This was our first time to see a real live panda bear.


More pandas, stuffed-toy and statue versions.







Jellyfish are my favorite sea creatures. I like to forget that their neon colors did not come from the lights from the tank.

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With my two bestest friends, Maan and Erika.


Views from the cable car ride going to the park.

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We rode a handful of rides that day, and part of the thrill was getting to see spectacular landscape views from our seats – in all angles.


With some my most treasured girl friends Erika, Irene, Kim, and Kat!

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This is downtown Causeway Bay, where streets are packed with people until late into the night.


This three-story flagship Apple Store is probably the largest in Hong Kong.


Sumptuous-looking Starbucks muffins.



Hong Kong’s famous Butao Ramen. We lined up for a good 45 minutes in a dark alley for this, where the restaurant is several meters away, and many other people were already lined up behind us just a few minutes after we lined up. The servers will then approach us with a checklist to get our customized ramen orders. This is perhaps the longest time I’ve waited for a table in a restaurant!


Hong Kong supermarkets are always lined with the most colorful of snacks and juices in such lovely packaging.


My friends ordered Gong Cha on the way to the ferry terminal where we will head to Macau, carrying our overnight bags with us. I, however, got a myself an iced latte from Starbucks on the other street. I couldn’t resist!


I was able to swim in a different country for the first time that day.


The grand and golden facade of Galaxy Macau.

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