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April 27, 2012

Writing is the easiest thing to do, yet also the most difficult. A testament to the arduous task of writing is my journey toward becoming a more articulate writer. I have explored the lines between sharing too much and sharing too little, between being very reflective or being plain objective. I have attempted to sound serious at one point and lighthearted in another, to write like an angsty teen and to write like a stoic. I have written so much, but I could certainly not have written enough. I do not know how far I can go with words. Yet.

This long-winding journey of writing continues, this time with more maturity and courage and style, a style indicative of a fearless princess. Why princess? Well, I have always adored the idea of royalty and the majesty of castles. I am a Disney girl at heart, and it simply rhymes well with a word that I have grown quite fond of. Also, I am a quiet person by nature, and by constantly referring myself as fearless could maybe trick my mind into believing that I could be one.

I have as well been daydreaming about being a writer more than actually being one, and I want this to change. A month has passed since I graduated from college, and it’s time to set new standards, new goals, new challenges. I want to believe that this is a more serious attempt at blogging and writing, and that purchasing my own domain will compel me to write regularly. As a girl who refuses to hang on to the past, she is more than ready to let go of her previous blog and start anew.

In this blog, I wish to share stories, discoveries, travels, thoughts, and ideas. I also like to start doing reviews of books, films, music, technology, and many other things that fall within my range of interests and curiosity. And mind you, I do not know what the limits of that range is either.

I want post less sentimental, apologetic, and overly perfectionist entries, which has been characteristic of my previous blogs. Instead, I’d like to present posts that are more relevant and helpful, and to write in a more assertive and confident manner. This time, I want my blog to be more real.

However personal this blog can be, I do not want this to solely benefit me. While I am writing entries to practice writing better, my real motive for writing is the chance to be able to help and inspire others. I do not wish to attract attention, but I hope of simply making a difference, however small difference that may be.

And that concludes my introductory post. Welcome to, dear reader!

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  • Kat

    Welcome, Dess! Excited for you and your new blog! Keep writing! ;)

    Much love,
    Katrina {}

    • Desiree

      Hi Kat! I deleted the other duplicate comment already. Thank you so much for reading my blog. You’re one of my very first readers! I’m so excited for this as well and I hope to post more regularly from now on. Miss you! Hugs! <3

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