Desiree Grace Tan is a twenty-something aspiring writer, graphic designer, and entrepreneur.

This wannabe jetsetter and occasional vegetarian may often be seen either sipping a cup of caramel macchiato, watching a romantic indie movie with her boyfriend, immersed in between pages of a novel, or giggling too much about silly things. She loves both being alone and being around interesting and lovable people.

Even though she has already somewhat mastered the art of losing things, she’d always rather get lost inside airports, bookstores, museums, and in a book instead.

Whenever she is not dreaming of going to Russia and studying in the United Kingdom, she’s constantly on the lookout for ways of being useful to the world and to glorify God in her life. She hopes this blog is one of them.





  • http://herotherlovelysides.wordpress.com Dyanne

    Your blog is so neat and wonderful! Keep it up! Looking forward to more of your posts! :D

    • http://www.fearlessprincess/ Desiree Grace Tan

      Aww thanks so much, Dyanne! This really means a lot. Apologies for getting back to you only now. I aim to be more consistent in posting and keeping in touch with readers like you. :)

  • https://iamdoctoreamer.wordpress.com/ Joseph A. Pagtananan

    Wow! I love your website! :-) God bless! ;-)

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