Taiwan Travel Diaries: Weekend in Kaohsiung

August 18, 2014
Taiwan 2014-30

With my immeasurable thirst for travel, I would not pass up a chance to hop on a plane and leave my all-too-familiar surroundings behind. And so when my dad asked me to accompany him and my mom to Taipei for the weekend, I immediately said yes. It was only last May though that I was able to visit the small yet beautiful and economically thriving country of Taiwan for the first time, but for this second time, my visit had been extra special.

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9 Upcoming 2014 Movies to Watch

August 12, 2014

Because I don’t watch TV series at all, I am more invested in watching films – whether they are blockbuster hits or indie flicks, in theaters or on my trusty laptop (but I always prefer the former). If you share my affinity with romantic films, coming-of-age stories, movies based on books, sci-fi and fantasy movies – this list is for you!

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Spain Travel Diary Part 1: Memories of Madrid

January 19, 2014

In April last year, I went on a trip to different cities around Spain with my family, which I would like to write about here – almost a year later. Having taken more than four thousand photos (and post-processing about a thousand) overwhelmed my perfectionist self that it took me this long to finally muster the time and energy to post them here. Nonetheless, these could still be worth sharing, if only for the sake of chronicling this trip online, and for those who might be curious to see what this European nation is like from a 21-year-old girl’s perspective. Here are my selected shots of our trip in chronological order.

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